Brain Gym®

Brain Gym® or Gymnasium is a sensormotor programme designed by Paul Dennison in 1989. The fundamental principle of the Brain Gym is movement with intent leads to optimal learning.

Brain Gym® is based on the following three simple rules:

Learning is a natural, joyous activity that lasts a lifetime,
Difficulties or so-called ‘learning blockages’ are nothing more than an inability to cope with stress and uncertainty of new tasks, and
We are all in some way ‘blocked’ because we have not learnt to move properly.

Many children, during their first years of life, miss developmental phases in the brain that are basis for further organisation of a child’s brain. In later developmental phases these can manifest in the form of stammering, difficulties with reading and writing, difficulties with pronunciation and the like.

Brain Gym exercises and tasks improve the integration of brain functions by stimulating the formation of new links between the left and right brain pathways which assists with the previously mentioned difficulties. Performing Brain Gym® exercises improves motor coordination, organisation, concentration and attention span, memory, reading, maths and language skills and emotional balance and reduces hyperactivity and nervousness.


Written on 17.12.2019.
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Written on 22.11.2019.
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