Bal-A–Vis-X® (BALance /Auditory /Vision eXercises®) is a set of exercises that simultaneously stimulates the balance, auditory and visual systems which improves brain function and brain and body integration. This includes are variety of tasks that are executed at a specific rhythm. Tasks are performed with bags filled with sand and balls and requires focus and cooperation. By performing these tasks, visual monitoring, auditory rhythm and balance improves, and this is essential when encouraging people with difficulties with reading or writing or those trying to master their stammering.

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Written on 17.12.2019.
Našem dragom doktoru Novoselu Nagrada za životno djelo!
S ponosom do neba objavljujemo svima kako je Odlukom Gradskog vijeća Darko Novosel nagrađen Nagradom Grada Varaždina za životno djelo.