Studio apartman **

Studio apartment is located in the wider center of city Varaždin, 100 m from the bus station and about 1000 m from the railway station. In the vicinity there is a grocery store (20 m), opposite the apartment is the hotel "Turist" (100 m).

The apartment is 31m2 big and consists of one room with two foldaway beds (each for two adults), a kitchen with a dining table and all the appliances (cooker, microwave, electric kettle, large self-contained refrigerator and freezer). The bathroom has a shower, toilet and washing machine.

Heating is on gas, with thermostat for room temperature control, and in the kitchen is an air conditioner for cooling the entire apartment. The apartment is located in a residential building on the first floor, while there are free parking spaces in front of and behind the building without charge.

Guests have the option of using flat internet in the entire apartment.

Contact phone:

Domagoj Kolar
098 235 989 (od 13.00 do 21.00)
098 725 355 (od 08:00 do 21:00)

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Accommodation during VaLMod Programme® Sessions and Pricelist

Accommodation is not included in the price of any VaLMod Programme®, and you must arrange and organise accommodation at your own expense.
During your attendance at a Valmod Speech and Language Therapy Course for 8 or 12 days we recommend staying at the Hotel Turist, as part of the therapy, in addition to group work performed outside of the ValMod Centre, is carried out at the Hotel Turist in the afternoon and evening.


Written on 20.08.2019.
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