Over numerous years the work of the VaLMod Centre for Speech and Language Therapy has been based on the high-quality and success of its Programme.

Although it has worked independently for several years, the VaLMod Programme is the result of Dr Novosel’s work that began in the late 1970s, when his career began at the Varaždin General Hospital and, together with his daughter Tatjana Novosel-Herceg, who has a Master Degree in Speech and Language Therapy, he has continued to develop, supplement and perfect the VaLMod Programme.

We owe the success of the Programme to yourselves, namely all our attendants and patients who have diligently and persistently implemented all acquired techniques into their future. We have created inseparable relationships that have lasted a lifetime.

This relationship also applies to use of your personal data. Just as the success of our Programme is based on the cooperation between a rehabilitator and a participant, the VaLMod Speech and Language Therapy Centre requires participation between participants and their private data. This Privacy and Personal Data Protection Notification includes information about how we collect and use your personal information and to whom we disclose it, as well as how you can modify and remove such data.

Below you will find an explanation as to why we require such information and how it is obtained and used.

In this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Notification, ‘personal data’ means any information about yourself and/or your child, such as first and last name, OIB (Croatian Personal Identification Number), address, E-mail address, phone number etc.

VaLMod Speech and Language Therapy Centre collects, uses, processes and transposes personal data in accordance with all applicable regulations governing the protection of personal data.

Why do we collect your personal and particularly sensitive data?

Your personal data is collected and processed subject to you approval, so as to respect our obligations for your participation or the participation of your child in the appropriate programme, and accordingly to take actions prior to the programme itself or to protect the vital interests of yourself or any other person involved.


In order to make appropriate record of your registration into the PROGRAMME that you have selected we require certain personal details, such as your name and surname, OIB (Croatian Personal Identification Number), address, E-mail address, phone number etc. We use such information to enrol you as a Programme participant and keep track of your progress throughout the programme and your rehabilitation.

We receive the information listed by our E-mail, but it remains on the website and in our database.


Once the Programme has been completed, you shall receive a written FINDINGS which contains your personal data listed previously, the results of your testing, an opinion on the course of therapy and a recommendation as whether rehabilitation should be continued.

FINDINGS THAT WE RECEIVE FROM YOU via E-mail, regular post, a mobile messaging, photo and video applications or those that you bring in yourself here at the VaLMod Centre contain your personal data and especially your sensitive data. These help us see the complex psychological condition of yourself or your child that is attending the VaLMod Centre.


Your personal data will also be placed on your personal record. This makes it easier for us to find the Programme attendant and the place where all your documentation concerning your stay are contained.


Your data will also be available from the various testing forms that are completed at the VaLMod Centre. We carry out the aforementioned tests for the purposes of speech and language therapy diagnostics, i.e. in order to diagnose difficulties that a child may have.


Additional data on the psycho-physical condition is collected through questionnaires which enable individual approach to each Programme participant. These will also include your personal data.


Prior to beginning your Programme you shall receive information on the Programme itself via the E-mail address given in the application form. We shall use your E-mail address and your name and surname as a Programme participant.


Your personal data, such as telephone or mobile phone number, shall be used solely for communication relating to application for a VaLMod Programme.


If your child is a Programme participant, all the aforementioned data shall be required for your child, for the reasons stated above.


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We, like you, don’t like receiving unsolicited mail. Therefore, as a rule, we do not pass, sell or otherwise transfer personal data about yourself or your child to unrelated third parties

Occasionally the need will arise for us to involve third parties with certain services. In such instances, we may need to provide these third parties certain details so that they provide a service to us and ultimately yourself. For example a delivery service would need to know your address so that they can deliver tools to you, and in addition to this other companies may need to know your debit or credit card details for processing, so these companies may need to know your data.

In order to protect our status as the creditor in the event of non-payment of liabilities, we may pass on personal data and use the services of both individuals and legal entities to collect such liabilities (e.g. lawyers’ offices, debt collectors and the like). Before we implement such measures we will specifically inform you about this through the contact details you have provided in order that you may issue a statement.

We will limit the personal data that we provide to companies and they shall only be able to access the information they need for specific purposes. The VaLMod Speech and Language Centre strictly supervises such activities to ensure that the privacy of clients is always respected.

If the name and delivery address you have provided are not yours, you should have obtained this person’s approval for giving us his/her personal data and use it for a specific purpose. When you provide such information to us you state that you already have such a permission.

We may provide your personal data in order to comply with legal or statutory regulations or at the request of the police.

When providing personal data to us, it means that you are also providing permission to be contacted by us for marketing purposes, and this may take the form of written letters, telephone conversations, texting messages, E-mails or social media.

We shall endeavour to send you messages that we think may be of interest to you, for example details of our annual reunion that we usually schedule at the end of the year for all former participants in VaLMod Programmes.


If you wish to know which of your personal data are retained at the VaLMod Speech and Language Therapy Centre please contact us at the address stated below.


We have taken all appropriate security measures to protect your personal data from all foreseeable threats. The security of your data is very important to at the VaLMod Speech and Language Therapy Centre.

If you have any questions or wish to change your data, please contact us at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or the address:
VaLMod Centre logopedija
Koprivnička ulica 38
42000 Varaždin

We shall endeavour to reply as quickly as possible.

We may occasionally modify this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Notification and we suggest that you regularly review it on our website if you wish to know of any changes.