I cannot but honour the entire VaLMod team by saying that they have all helped me very, very much. They are not only experts in stuttering therapies but also beautiful people who love what they do and who transfer that love, positive energy and kindness to everyone who comes to the Centre. Warmest Greetings!

Wonderful experts and first and foremost great people whom I remember with warmth in my heart even though it has already been 12 years since my therapy. You do not treat only stuttering, you treat the human soul. Thank you!
(Iva Schmidler)

They are excellent: we couldn’t be more satisfied! They treat not only stuttering but also children who do not speak at all!

ValMod, led by Prof Tatjana, are a successful team helping young people with pronunciation issues (stuttering), but we must not forget about Prof Darko Novosel, who developed this learning method. Everyone in the team is a successful and very nice person.

Dr Novosel and his team helped me not only to resolve my stuttering problem but also ‘put my life in order’ as well. The relationship with my family, my mind-set... everything. I love you and I think about you a lot The phrase: I feel relaxed and can breathe calmly, is my rescue in every stressful situation, which there are many.

I accompanied my son, but I myself benefited from the therapy as well. What can I say, you’re wonderful! I would recommend this to everyone who stutters.

The best and the most professional.

My son attended the Programme 8 years ago and we have resolved our serious problem... We are delighted with the entire team of doctors, I can only praise you highly and I would recommend you to everyone!

My dearest, I still remember you gladly, although it’s been 10-ish years since we first met. There are things and people that change other people’s lives and get them going and you most definitely are one of them! My most sincere congratulations for your well-deserved success and warmest greetings from Dubrovnik!

Hi there! Just to let you know: Today was my first public speech at the national librarian meeting. It went great. I applied all the techniques of course.

You and your team made me the happiest Mum. My happiness today can be measured with what I felt when he was born. THANK YOU

Dear Dr Novosel, I only wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. The therapies have helped me a lot and changed me. It’s been a long time since I wanted to let you know that you have changed a life of one person and given her the strength for many challenges in life, and we all know that I am not the only one. Warmest regards :)

Dear All, I feel a strong urge to share this with you. The change that you are making in my life and this feeling of happiness when my fear of stuttering simply disappears produce unbelievable levels of feel-good hormones in me. Before I would think this was by accident, but for quite some time now I have realised that we are the ones who attract things that happen to us and people who cross our lives. I hope that sometimes I shall be the reason of your happiness just like you are of mine. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart!

Dear Dr Novosel, On Monday, (18th October, 2017) my daughter defended her Master Thesis. He was your patient on two occasions, she stuttered, we fought this problem for years, and slowly but surely, with a lot of effort and help Vlatka overcame stuttering and everything it brings along. When she was waiting to be called in by the Examination Committee she said: ‘Mum, I am thinking about Dr Novosel and Varaždin’...If only you could hear how she was presenting, demonstrating and explaining her thesis... Without any hesitation, any stuttering... I would like to thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart for giving my child a chance for a better future.
(Mirjana, the Mum)

My impression of this therapy is positive. I think that people involved in this Programme are highly professional and that they love their job. This can be felt every day, throughout the entire process. I do not have any objections to this Programme, nor to the people who are part of it. I think they know very well what they are doing and that they are highly committed to their work.

The therapy is highly efficient and interesting. The programme is perfectly organised. The teachers are nice and helpful. I would recommend VaLMod Centre to everyone.

The therapy is excellent. Although I came to Varaždin with high hopes, I did not expect such a progress. I have full confidence in the entire VaLMod staff.

My suggestion is that you should never stop doing this, because it really helps.

I am satisfied with the therapy. I know that after these 12 intensive days we are faced with real, life-long exercise. All the teachers are great, one can see that they are fully devoted to what they do and that they do everything they can to help us. They provided material, they taught us techniques, now it’s up to us to apply them.

Everybody is just awesome, trying very hard and willing to help us. I am very happy to have checked-in for this therapy.


Written on 17.12.2019.
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