Thanks to outstanding results in our field we have received acknowledgements from well-known experts from Austria and Germany (Speech – Therapy – Computer, 1st International Congress in Graz, 1994) and have started an excellent and satisfying collaboration with Mike Roth (Konstanz University) MD PhD and Theodor von Stockert MD PhD (Erlangen Neurological Condition). Since the aforementioned experts deal with the problem of aphasia, an idea was brought about and was successfully implemented a few years ago, that Croatia should have its first rehabilitation programme for aphasia patients under the title MODAKThr, created by Assistant Professor Tatjana Novosel-Herceg, MA, PhD. Darko Novosel PhD, and Mike W. Roth, PhD. MODAKThr (MODality AKTivation), and this has been successfully used in several specialised hospitals in Croatia and Austria.

Stuttering diagnostics and therapy concepts, dysphony and other psycho-physiological disorders have shown extraordinary results, and the VaLMod Programme has received the following prestigious awards in Croatia, Switzerland, Germany and the United States:

The Grand Prize at INOVAR 94 in Varaždin,

The bronze medal at INOVA 1995 in Zagreb,

The gilded medal in the field of medicine at the 1995 Innovation Salon in Geneva,

The gold medal for technical and software solutions and successful results in the field of medicine in Nuremberg in 1995, and

The gold medal at the 1998 Great Innovation Salon in Pittsburgh, USA, in the field of therapeutics.

SLS Commemorative Plaque,

Varaždin Medical Centre Commemorative Plaque,

Varaždin Municipal Assembly Commemorative Plaque,

Medal of the City of Varaždin for scientific-research work in speech and language therapy,

The 'Golden Kuna' of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce – County Chamber of Commerce for Excellence of Innovation in 1997 – VaLMod Programme and

The Homeland Thanksgiving Memorial.


Written on 17.12.2019.
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