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VaLMod® Programmes


Individually Tailored Approaches

Everyone using our services accesses them on an individual basis, because we feel that we must treat everyone as an individual and adapt to their life habits and needs. It is only with such an approach that we can provide a superior service and satisfactory results.

Individually Tailored Approaches

Top-quality Expertise

Our greatest asset is our holistic approach to voice, speech and language difficulties. Staff at the VaLMod Centre are comprised of experts who have trained at the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation and have continually improved their skills at the Educational Institute of Dr Svetlana Masgutova in Orlando (USA).

Top-quality Expertise

Cutting-edge Technology

We are equipped with the most up-to-date technology available in the Republic of Croatia. For thirty years we have used biofeedback in our stuttering therapies and have developed our own innovative and sophisticated devices that are the result of many years of work and experience in speech and language rehabilitation. We are equipped with devices that stimulate the nervous system to create the automation required for good reading, writing and speech and language skills.

Cutting-edge Technology

Complete Service

Within the VaLMod Centre, apart from our speech therapy services, we also conduct neuro-sensomotor stimulation of the nervous system for cases of stuttering, speech disorders, reading and writing difficulties, cerebral palsy, post-stroke conditions, autism, underdeveloped speech and language...

Complete Service


Written on 22.10.2019. 22.10. MEĐUNARODNI DAN SVJESNOSTI O MUCANJU

Osobe među nama mucaju!

Osjećaju se uznemireno, napeto, bespomoćno, izbjegavaju prijatelje i društvo, opterećena su mucanjem.

To nije bolest! To je simptom  i poruka tijela da nešto nije usklađeno.

VaLMod programom mucanje je rješivo!

Soundsory® slušalice
Written on 17.10.2019. Soundsory® slušalice

Soundsory®  slušalice i glazba koja ima nevjerojatan utjecaj na naše tijelo s popustom pri kupnji putem linka: http://soundsory.refr.cc/tatjanan!



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